Services and Solutions for Successful Equipment and Hardware Retailers

Founded in 1889, the SouthWestern Association was established by a progressive group of independent hardware and farm implement/mercantile dealers to help increase their profitability and solve common problems. While the Association’s scope of interest has evolved over time, the basic concept of working together for the common good remains the same.

Today, the Association is a source for ideas to meet the needs of your business. Working in the areas of legislation, communication and education, the Association is recognized as a stabilizing force that encourages fairness in each of the industries it serves.

What’s New?

  • Fall Area Meetings Scheduled!
  • Recovery Concepts, Inc. – Debt Recovery Service
  • 2006 Dealers of Tomorrow Seminars
  • SouthWestern Flash Newsletter – October 2006
  • OSU – Okmulgee Technician Program
  • Tax Favored Benefits Makes Donation to OSU-Okmulgee
  • The “New Texas Business Tax”
  • Domed Acrylic Equipment Decals